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Radiology Reporting Online has a team of over 150 highly qualified GMC specialist radiologists reporting during their 'daylight' hours across the globe. This team is overseen by RRO’s Medical Directorate who are tasked with overseeing industry-leading clinical governance to ensure excellence in reporting.

Dr Daniel Rose
Medical Director

Dr Daniel Rose is a consultant radiologist at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn NHS Trust and over the last decade has held a number of clinical management roles including clinical lead for radiology and clinical director for clinical support services/diagnostics division. He has been the Royal College of Radiologists’ regional chair for the last four years and has nationally been involved in RCR working parties predominantly helping to develop standards and guidance around quality and sustainability while also being a member of the National PACS Exit Board.  He has a strong interest in integrated pathway development and implementation, working across traditional models, use of technology to improve both frontline patient care but also back office processes, always with the aim of maximising patient outcomes within the increasing constraints.

Dr Robin Evans
Clinical Director

Dr Robin Evans FRCP, FRCR has been a consultant radiologist at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust for the past 25 years. He has held numerous local, regional and national roles including clinical lead for imaging, radiology clinical tutor, clinical director for diagnostics and clinical support, chair of the South West London Cancer Network Imaging Group and national clinical lead with the NHS Radiology Service Improvement team and subsequently the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. He has also served as a member of the National Imaging Board. In 2013, Dr Evans reported for a twelve month period from RRO’s Sydney office on a career break. He is a general radiologist with special interests in thoracic imaging, interventional radiology and radiology clinical governance.

Dr Martin Rimmer
Clinical Director

Dr Rimmer is a locum consultant at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHDS Foundation Trust where he spent his career as a consultant radiologist from 1984 to 2014.  He served as Medical Director of the Trust from 2000 to 2003 and subsequently Assistant Medical Director to 2012.  He is a past member of the RCR Service Review Committee.  Dr Rimmer has a special interest in clinical governance and has been instrumental in developing his Trust’s clinical governance framework.  Dr Rimmer reported for a twelve month period 2014/15 from RRO’s Sydney office. Special interests:  GI and breast imaging.

Professor Philip Gishen
Clinical Advisor

Professor Gishen is instrumental in the recruitment and induction of new radiologists in addition to RRO’s clinical interface with clients. He is a consultant at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (Clinical Director 2001 – 2012) and a visiting professor at Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine. Professor Gishen has had over 66 articles published, has written one textbook, 10 chapters in textbooks and given over 135 invited presentations and lectures. Professor Gishen’s special interests include the diagnosis and treatment of lower back pain and sciatica.