Routine Radiology Reporting

RRO operate on both sides of the globe from major radiology reporting centres and hubs in the United Kingdom, Australia and other international locations.

This means our team of GMC specialist radiologists are able to provide 24/7 ROUTINE radiology reporting of CT, MRI, Plain film and CT Colonography examinations during their ‘daylight’ hours.

GMC specialist consultant radiologists throughout the world

RRO’s ROUTINE teleradiology reporting service provides clients with:

  • A flexible ‘as and when’ service to bridge gaps in departmental rosters
  • Access to leading sub speciality radiologists
  • A seamless and fully automated technical solution that minimises departmental time to send cases to RRO and report delivery via HL7 messaging
  • A robust process to communicate significant and unexpected findings

Benefits of our ROUTINE radiology reporting service:

  • Improved turnaround times
  • Access to a team of over 150 GMC specialist consultant radiologists who can support clients in achieving seven day working
  • Increased departmental time for consultation, research and teaching

Simon Harvey
Diagnostics Lead & Clinical Audit Manager, Care UK

Care UK's experience of Radiology Reporting Online over the past 5 years can be summarised succinctly as delivering high quality and consistent performance, positive collaborative working partnership, effective and responsive operational management and all built upon the strong foundations of an experienced and quality focused medical leadership team. All key elements that have combined effectively to provide us with a reporting and quality assurance service that is both flexible and tailored to our specific requirements and clearly place quality at the heart of everything that RRO provides to our organisation on a daily basis. 

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