Why RRO?

‘Follow the Sun’ Radiology Reporting – Locally Managed, Global Teleradiology

Our head office and management team are based in Central London. Utilising our ‘follow the sun’ model, Radiology Reporting Online provide seamless 24/7 reporting services from over fifteen radiology reporting centres within the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, in addition to a global team of home reporters. This ensures that our radiologists always report during their ‘daylight’ hours.

Dedicated Radiology Reporting Centres

Our radiologists report from customised reporting centres and home offices, fitted with purpose-designed reporting workstations, large high resolution monitors - exceeding accreditation standards – which are loaded with an in-house developed RIS, PowerScribe 360 voice recognition software and viewing software programmes capable of handling large data sets – optimised to perform real time multiplanar reconstructions (MPR and MIPS) for rapid image review.

Highly Experienced Clinical Directorate

RRO’s Clinical Directorate is responsible for our team of radiologists, clinical governance and clinical interface with clients. Each of our Medical Directors hold senior consultant NHS posts and have extensive clinical management experience.

Skilled Radiologists

Each and every one of our GMC specialist radiologists is subject to a detailed credentialing and reference check before commencing with us.

Every radiologist's performance is regularly reviewed, regardless of how long they have been reporting for us.

All of our radiologists are expected to participate in our CPD and Peer Review programmes, and to share knowledge and feedback with their reporting colleagues.

Commitment to Excellence

At Radiology Reporting Online we always strive to excel.

Our after-hours urgent service consistently exceeds 99% against turnaround time (TaT) KPI’s.

Customised and Secure IT Solutions

With our IT team, we’ve achieved an uptime of >99.99% since 2011.

IT is fundamental to every step of the RRO reporting process, from ensuring complete receipt of data to guaranteeing rapid delivery of final reports. We ensure that all data is monitored, controlled and secure, and that all systems are up and running every second of every day.

Our expert technicians, network support and high level software developers ensure streamlined image delivery with high capacity, high speed, highly redundant and cost effective systems.

With their help, we’ve connected with all mainstream RIS and PACS systems – we seek to eliminate risk which is why we fully automate processes from end to end.

Seamless integration with clients’ RIS and PACS systems can be complex, particularly when installation schedules are tight. With 24/7 IT support teams on both sides of the globe - in the UK and Australia - even a difficult problem can be addressed with minimal delay.

Customer Focused Service Model

RRO exists to extend and support clients' imaging resources, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our services are tailored to individual client needs and we report to an agreed set of guaranteed KPIs.

We provide a dedicated phone number manned 24/7 to ensure direct and immediate connection between referring clinician and reporting radiologist.

We provide immediate verbal reports when there’s clinical need or an unexpected finding.

Client feedback on service and process is greatly valued and encouraged.

We deliver regular reports and schedule clinical review meetings to ensure that we continually meet client expectations.

Our Clinical Operations team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year to address any issue at any time.